Thursday, October 21, 2010

technical difficulties..........

Well, we finally got real internet! Hurray! No more wondering or waiting or slow as hell connections. The bad news, however, is that in it's sickness, my machine has lost the drivers for my memory card reader. No pictures. I take pictures, but they are stuck in the camera. Any solutions to this? Anyone? I have the point and shoot, which will still load pictures into the computer, as soon as Kelly brings it back from Hawaii, we'll be back in business. Oh, ya, did i mention Kelly's in Hawaii? Lucky lucky lucky!

Now i will do my best to recap the last few weeks with no pictures. Sorry.

So school started. I am taking four classes, american government, astronomy, english comp 2, and public speaking. Online, all of them. I was nervous, still am, about having all of my classes online, wondering if i would even do it... i am doing it, and it's going pretty well. Astronomy is HARD. It occurred to me early on that Physics 122 was possibly not the best choice of classes for someone who has not taken a math class in 10 years. Me and google ( google and I ) are working it out, though.

Weekend before last my dad was in town. He arrived Saturday afternoon, hung out with Shannon and Adam, they came into Savoy for dinner saturday night. On sunday we went to a shop called Naomi's Farm Supply where they were having, what they called, a young farmer's mixer. Sounds fun, ya? It pretty much was. I heard of it first from Tressa, the woman who is salt, fire, and time, and then from Tonia, whose instructors were all volunteering at the event. It was put on by a group called the greenhorns, a non profit that works to support young farmers and people choosing agriculture as a career. The day was lovely, we sat in a couple of seminars, i didn't learn anything but hopefully shannon did. We had some awesome chili, courtesy of SFT, who were doing the food for the event. Monday morning brought brunch at broder, of course. This was the third monday in a row shannon and I had been there and it was nice to bring other people to confirm the awesomeness that we know is real. And they did. It was so awesome.
Oh, J***** Sh** damn! I forgot the most important part! I got a tea plant! For all of you who have bothered to read my mind in the last 6 months or so, you already know about my tea growing desires. The rest of you, get with the program. I now own a tea plant, camellia sinensis. I went right home, cut a few of the largest leaves off, dried them, steamed them and then baked them as directed by the internet but the tea was not so teaish. I have a book now that i'm reading about how to actually do it, more to come.....

The next weekend, my mom came to town. Same schedule, she got to town Saturday afternoon and came to dinner with the Blys saturday night. Sunday we had brunch at my house and the walked up to Hawthorne to shop and stroll. At Village Merchants, where we stopped because i am currently dresser shopping, i noticed a fantastic yellow leotard with some sequin details and a bodice made of yellow plastic feathers. I admired it in passing, no dresser, moved on. At the red light on Hawthorne, after finding an awesome new pair of boots, i found a hat of sorts, more like a wig, made of yellow feathers. From there, 2010 halloween costume just clicked. Uh, of course i'm going to be lady gaga for halloween. I mean, what else? Rushed back to purchase said leotard and it was on. I already own the hot pink leggings and white mini skirt, just need shoes and a serious black wig. Oh, halloween, why are you the most expensive day of the year? That evening, i hosted a going away party for my friend Jennifer from whole foods, she is headed to california for a new job and new love. Wonderful party, it was just mom's in town sized, not too rowdy, not too late. Good food, great folks. I am going to be having another party here soon, it was so much fun!

Um, other stuff, i'm sure......  

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