Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby madness!!!!!!!!

Ok, no, no, no, not madness. But baby for sure. We are having a baby! It hardly seems real that there are just a few months left, we are more than half way there! Shannon said something interesting last time I was down, that she had just begun thinking about actually, physically having a baby in her hands, she had just been thinking about being pregnant up to then. Well, I too have come to this realization. I have been thinking about her being pregnant, but now that i really think about it- there are only a few short months before we have a real live squirming, screaming being, the miracle of life itself, in our midst. I'm a little excited. And i'm planning a party.

On another note, I hate school and am ready for summer. And here's a few random pictures.

This is Ben's side yard and his neighbors' <-- is that right? neighbor's? neighbors? Anyway, sidetracked... They mowed their yard right down the line, and left his long. I thought this was so funny. 

Here's Ben now, helping with a science experiment.

Experiment in action! I got to design the experiment, as part of the assignment, it involved mixing potato juice with either water, lemon juice or "household ammonia" which I didn't have so I substituted rubbing alcohol which, trust me, is not the same thing. Then I added hydrogen peroxide to each mixture and measured the foam with the pink measuring tape I got in my sewing box for christmas.  

That one right there. 

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