Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial day strangeness.....

June is going to be a doozy. I'm going to be finishing finals just in time to pack and move, hopefully all before 
going up north for the big birthday baby weekend. I guess compared with how many activities i've packed into my last few months, finals and moving and traveling and partying actually make for kind of a tame month.... No, no, it's just not true. I will survive, however, this I can assure you. 

Kale seeds scattered in a lonely barrel 

Pea sprouts!!!

The carrots are my favorite, i'm not sure why.

We had a salad from the garden!

This is what kale sprouts look like.

On Sunday, after barbequeing, Ben and I headed down to the Hawthorne bridge, where I had heard there would be something going on. Hand holding and such. True enough, there were thousands of people at a rally on the west side and they marched up the ramp and onto the bridge, lined up from end to end to hold hands. For Solidarity. Sweet. We walked across when they were still organizing and lining up, hit the south side when everyone was going the other way.

On the other side, summoned by a giant bungee jump simulator machine( To watch! Not to ride, i'm throwing up right now thinking about that....) we wandered into the Rose Festival- duh, huge festival that happens on the west side every memorial day weekend. We could have easily known about this but stumbled in much by surprise. Inside we found a petting zoo complete with African animals, a carnival, and lots of food vendors.  So, people watching, mostly.

150 year old tortoise!
Actually I can't remember how old it is, but it was old. And the handler told us that it would live 150 more years. So maybe it was 150 more years and not 150 years old. I don't know. Giant, though.

This African animal thing was complete with snakes and spiders and small furry animals- a few we couldn't see, a kangaroo ( except really small, is that something different?) and a lion cub. There was a handler, woman, going through the cages and getting the animals out for people to see, when we walked up she was in the cage with the baby lion and it was seriously eating her hair. Like, this thing had latched onto her head area with it's mouth and paws. It was strange and kind of disturbing, she was trying to laugh and make light of it but i'm not sure. She definitely wanted this thing to let go right away. I didn't even take a picture.

There was a full size tiger also. Super depressing. No pictures. We left the African zoo at this point.

On a lighter note, this is my birthday iris! My yard is abloom with irises right now, the yellow ones i like especially. This lovely yellow one bloomed the morning of my birthday. Still going strong, that makes two of us.

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