Friday, August 26, 2011


Finally made it up to Bellingham for a visit, action packed day. Made it just in time for a bit of downtown time with my mom before her lunch meeting, then had a lovely lunch of my own with Debra. Brandywine Kitchen, in the slot that Tivoli left recently. I was kind of suprised to see Tivoli gone but not really, I guess. If Nimbus couldn't make it, who can? Brandywine, oddly named, is a sandwich place in a space very large for their offering. We had a great table outside, food was good- I had a chicken and roasted apple sandwich with house cut fries and Deb had soup and salad. Order at the counter and bus your own table, which is fine, but such an enormous dining room, clearly designed for fine dining, made the experience seem a little off. Like they were squatting, I guess. I was then off to Fairhaven to toodle around before meeting Brandi and Cindy at the wednesday market. I went in every shop looking for a hat and was unsuccessful, I was really and truly in buy something mode- I had just talked myself out of buying a lovely top at the downtown emporium due to it's cheap plastic strap fastenings- I had money to burn! Not a single thing made it in my bag except a wonderful new board book from village books, I am the biggest thing in the ocean! Love it. I arrived at the market to find the ladies and Jasper already in the grass. Such a wonderful place to spend a few hours, I got to chat with Cindy and Brandi, on and off while she chased Jasper around the square. He is walking- running- like crazy! He hi fives and hugs and kisses! He is really growing into his personality, it's so fun to see kids grow up!

After the market, Cindy and I walked to Vis seafood to get fish for dinner. Salmon was down to 7.99 a pound- beautiful, fresh, skin on stuff! We all got to have a nice, big piece. Cindy's new house is wonderful, of course, it's always inspiring to come to Cindy's house, she clearly does not compromise when it comes to her living space. She chooses the best for herself. I commend her for that.

Potato pocket for the bbq

Mama on the camera tonight- I hardly took any of these pictures!

Ok. I took this one

Lemon ice cream with blueberries and blackberries from the backyard. So wonderful. At this point in the evening, my poor, dying phone died... so I packed it on home. Nice drive in the still warm night, sunroof open. Chose to go through town though, which I regretted, night construction the whole way- at one point I waited fifteen minutes for my turn to go on the one open lane through the mess. Uck. I would not recommend driving though OH at night.

This morning (afternoon) I went with Shannon to her midwife appointment. Baby is not stressed. Check. Ready to go!
Shannon's beautiful sunflowers!

 Dad's bday tomorrow( today) big feast planned. I wouldn't mind having to miss it though for someone else's birthday. Just saying.

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