Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh, what a weekend!

This weekend's adventure started at the Good Will "Bins" store. We went to find me a new dresser, Tonia claimed this was the only thrift store to buy furniture at. There was lots of furniture, priced much lower than other thrift stores i've seen and, while I didn't find the perfect dresser, I did find a few awesome tops. Of course... It was a thrift store of a different breed, seriously, the stuff was in large bins that they wheeled out, unsorted, to waiting lines of people. I took these few pictures but I was scared, these people were hard core.

We found this fantastic yak statue

We went to dinner at Savoy, had a few cocktails and ended up being late to the TBA movie we had planned on seeing. This, of course, because they seated ten minutes early and locked the doors to late comers. Bummer. We regrouped, packed up, and headed to Oregon City for a sleep over at Tonia's. Fantastic time at our bar, then a bonfire at a friends, long evening to say the least ( and i will say the least, for now anyway!) 

Oh,. I forgot about the Laurelhurst park bit in there, this is where we went after missing the movie and before heading south. I drive by this park often, i'm glad to have gotten the chance to explore it a bit. It's big, like 4 city blocks, maybe more. We walked the path, played a bit in the park. I ran straight to the monkey bars and got right on them like I always did in grade school. I was not brave enough to actually do any turns on them but ended up with a very nice bruise on the under side of my knee anyway. Old. It's true. 

It's funny- the guy's ok but the lady is doing the potty dance!

We woke up the next morning late, late. We seriously needed cheering up so Tonia made good on her promise for a fantastic surprise trip. I thought we were in for a Salem trip but we ended up pretty close to home on Swan Island at the dahlia farm. * Warning* This is a lot of flower pictures! If, at anytime you get bored, feel free to scroll to the bottom. 

At the farm they had a private ish greenhouse where they grew these giant lemons... weird? 

The dahlia farm was amazing. A zillion different kinds, each with their own name. Kinda makes me want to be a flower farmer. Think about it, Shan......

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