Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Estar de vacaciones, aka It would suck to be a homeless person in Seaside, OR

Seriously. I was awakened early monday morning by the pounding of wind and rain on the window of my fourth story hotel room. It was so loud that i actually got up and went over to make sure the window wan't going to break. Straight up swirling typhoon of rain and wind. The daytime weather was not quite so intense, luckily, a steady stream of rain. We ate at a funny bar for lunch, the town's "fancy" seafood place for dinner, watched the grammys. Had the pool area ( with hot tub and sauna, oh ya) to ourselves the whole time, probably made five trips. That was the point of the whole thing but still, i am amazed sometimes at how large my capacity to relax really is, when i try.

Second vacation this week- Peter! Came down tuesday afternoon, we visited savoy, had dinner at a place called Toro Bravo, one of portland's finest. It's a kind of small plate, Spanish restaurant, we had things the likes of marinated sheep cheese, squid ink noodles, sweet breads, and fried anchovies. Pretty fantastic. The show we were going to was in a venue right next door, coincidently, and we made it just in time. The band we were going to see, called the builders and the butchers, was technically an opening band, there was one before them and one after. Their show was amazing, i could have done with a few more songs off the album that i knew and loved the most but no one asked me. Strange venue, the wonder ballroom, big, with a nice patio, but set up on stage like an elementary school play kind of. And dark and filled with all the young portlanders who had turned up on a tuesday night to see a rock show. I kicked myself immediately for the 10+ outfit changes that had gone into my attire for the evening- i could have worn my pajamas. Seriously. Pete and I had brunch at broder and then it was back to workweek for me. Oh, weekends...

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