Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ok, so i've been busy, I swear. Here's some stories, in no particular order.

Finals this week past, pretty good, the "proctered" math final possibly being the hardest, having to go to campus and sit in a room and such. The final project for my electronic culture class was a group google doc assignment, the directions were insane and vague and the instruction from the instructor provided by request made the whole thing out to be impossible to complete. It didn't help that no one in my group logged on until 2 days before it was due, I pretty much set the whole thing up...... when i went online earlier to check my grade I saw that on that project i had gotten a 75 and just about freaked, but I realized that in the next column it said 75 was 100%, so, that's good. I worked really hard on that. Sooo that's all a's and one c in astronomy. But that's perfect- i don't deserve an a in astronomy because i don't really believe in it. The last chapter we covered was on black holes- 20 pages long, with everything from what they look like to what they're made of to how and why they form. And they've never even seen one. How the hell do they know all that stuff? It's all totally theoretical and i'm surprised that it's allowed to be a science. Anyways, next term my science choice is biology, online, which, strangely enough, requires a home lab kit- sent by mail- but does not require you to buy the textbook. It's optional. Interesting.

Blah, no more school. Fun stuff- i went on my tour yesterday at the children's museum, they accepted me as a volunteer. It is really amazing the difference between volunteering and working- when you volunteer they are so happy you are there and you get to do stuff no one would ever pay you to do. I am the Thursday morning clay studio assistant. And in 2 weeks, one of the ece teachers is going out of town and i am going to be the assistant paint and play early childhood education teacher. Seriously.

What else, oh ya went to whidbey island, hung out with shannon and adam, mmm there was my mom, matt, matt's girlfriend, my dad, kim. That's a lot of people for a two day trip. I even vacation efficiently. Coupeville was awesome, we had great pie. There was a dinner party on monday, we went to dad's and so did several of their friends. Party. I learned a new joke, here it is- two peanuts walked into a bar. One of them was a salted. Mmm, that doesn't work as well in print. Cause it's a play on words....anyways.....

Pictures! I totally stopped taking pictures, i need to work on that. Here's some from my whidbey trip.

Oz loves the wood stove

Ferry terminal in freeland

Just outside of everett

Ya, the snow was rough. Skies cleared south of seattle, though, and the roads were dry all the way home. I was not driving in any of those pictures, by the way, I only took pictures while parked.

Lastly, my plant. Mmm, amaryllis, yes, thank you spell check. I've been thinking a lot about this plant, especially after visiting shannon and adams, which was tall and beautiful with four enormous red flowers. My plant really went a whole other direction.

This fourth frond only drooped down today, it's really an incredibly healthy plant. My best guess is, that because it was raised in an environment of unconditional love, it was able to make the choice to be just exactly the plant it was born to be. Not four red flowers on a giant stock but a tall, leafy plant instead. I commend it. And support it fully in it's decision.

And, that's all I got.

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