Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So, this was supposed to be at the end.... but for the ****** i can't seem to get them down there, so here is the end first. A few shots Shannon took before they tore Lily from my arms and packed her off down the highway. 

Speaking of awesome outfilts! (we will later on....)

Gosh, has it really been 2 weeks!!?? Guess so. Time flies! Lots been going on here, had Shan, Lily, and Dad down for a visit last week, great time. We went downtown to powells, ate lots of great food, and, most importantly, had plenty of baby time. It was fun to have the two babies together ( the one living in my house and Lily) they actually looked at each other! Pretty cute. I did get to learn that Sophia does cry a lot more than Lily, although she is 9 days younger, soo, maybe that's why? Babies are all different. We took some  awesome pics, most importantly the tutu pics, I will include the whole set here. Sure got my brain churning.....

Camera Switch

And there were more. Oh, this is just the beginning.

Possibly my favorite Lily pic yet- she's gonna get it! Get it Lily!

Ya, ya, the outfit is wild, but I have to honest, it's growing on me. Ps, i will be changing the name of the blog from red truck tales to lily. Seems appropriate.

See there! I took a picture of someone other than Lily! My dad, harvesting chestnuts. Oh, ya, the chestnut harvest! Jeez, baby brain!
So, we showed up at the farm friday morning, geared up and ready to go. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this, we were prepared for anything. Whitney and Alisha ( I'm sorry, dear, i will never spell your name right) were not there yet so we did an orchard walk, and didn't see the nuts. Or the husks, rather. Once we made it back close to the gate, we both squatted down and all of a sudden, there were nuts! They were everywhere, all over the ground. After our eyes ( this is ben and i, i forgot to mention) adjusted to chestnut vision, we were picking them up by the handful. Some of the trees had branches so low that you could stand and take the nuts out of the husks still on the trees. There were about 4 trees in particular that were rockstars, the rest you had to be choosy with. In normal years, i guess all the husks fall and you break them open, this year, i think husk breaking made up about 50% of the harvest- even when you got one, you opened it up and it had one lovely nut, 2 or 3 little ones. Still worth it. But the jackpot was on the ground. They were just everywhere. I'm sure this harvest was dinky compared to a regular one but we sure got all we could handle. I am estimating 20 lbs for mine, another 20 for ben's. Whit and Alisha were still there when we called it a day and took the baby home, their goal was to fill their 5 gallon bucket with nuts- and they did it! They also took home an experimental bucket- one filled with green husks in which the nuts hadn't ripened yet, to see if they will ripen if left. Waiting on the results from that...

My loot! 

So beautiful!

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