Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lily, Lily, Lily

Baby, oh, baby! Trip north this weekend seemed like it went on forever! I drove up with Pete Thursday night, got into bham around one in the morning, returned with Pete Monday afternoon. Got up thursday morning, had a wonderful breakfast and story time with my Grandma, then headed down to the island. I am getting really good at these short trips, i managed to have every meal and moment planned out so that everyone was included. This trip was centered around Lily and Grandma Cissie, however, and they got the majority of my attentions. Poor mom drove back and forth from bham to coupeville almost every day I was there, we will have to figure that out in the future. It was just so hard to stay over, and absolutely impossible to be away. I feel like i managed to restrain myself a bit on the picture taking, less than a hundred on each camera, and only the good ones survived. I am getting better at that....
I start this group off with a series of shots i took in Lily's first ever public restroom change, on the ferry. 

There are whales in this picture, i swear!

Backlight makes everyone look great!

Great Grandma!

In the sixth grade, in Idaho, my teacher assigned this crazy project to us- we had to build a vehicle that could go down a 50 foot ramp and hit a brick wall while keeping the raw egg inside from breaking. Some people chose suspension systems, but most of us just wrapped the damn thing up in a million layers of soft stuff and then shoved it inside. Lily reminded me on this project on several occasions this trip. Giant vehicle, thousand layers of packaging, tiny little egg.

Look forward to pt. 2, other camera and the videos!

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