Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall comes to taggart street

It's official. Fall is here. The leaves have been doing there thing for a few weeks now, I have been trying my best to ignore it. Then came the Halloween festivities and all of a sudden it's November and the holidays are upon us. I will start with a few more artsy Halloween shots, then straight into fall.....

The girls on the pole..... fun, of course, nothing more.

I think this is the shot of the night. The other shots of me on this chair are amazing, i would love nothing more than to be able to go back and have a shoot in this space that I had more control over... That being said, Kelly had the camera, my costume spoke to these shots so well.

Kelly the fairy peacock...
  And straight into fall, my street and my whole neighborhood are aflame with leaves, it's hard to get them all into perspective.

Orion over a house across the street. This fist shot is about 30 seconds, the second i held manually for a minute- I could not decide which one I liked best.

I am trying to embrace fall as best I can. The trees are so amazing, everywhere I go these days is surrounded by amazing colors and skies. When the rain stops, it's beautiful.....

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