Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well, as much as I would like to think it's not almost December already, it is. The most solid proof I have of this is, of course, Thanksgiving! After being invited to and opting out of two out of town thanksgiving dinners, I ended up joining Tonia at her friend Terry's sisters in Ne Portland. I had a fantastically relaxing morning and afternoon, drinking tea and watching television on the internet. Sometimes, it just doesn't get any better than that. Tonia arrived at three and we began assembling the Latvian bacon buns that she had decided we were making for the feast. I had started the dough about an hour earlier, was a bit concerned with it's slow rise but it turned out great.

I chose this particular dough recipe because it contained butter, milk and sour cream. I mean, come on- wrap that around bacon, you can do no wrong. Highly successful cooking adventure. We left just on time, forgot the chair we were supposed to bring, but made it to dinner without getting lost once. The group there was fantastic, all very nice, mellow, fun people. Food prepared by knowledgeable cooks and one real live chef- see if you can spot him!

There were rubber bands to attach fresh herbs to your glass,  marking it from others- great idea!

Terry the lion tamer

Yes, this is a professional range in her kitchen. So incredibly jealous! 

Chef's duties, done!

Someone sneaky turned the camera on me....

Great meal, great new friends. We ended the evening with a walk around the block, not so cold, lots of piles of leaves to play in. Tonia and I headed off soon after, possibly heading home, but actually heading to thanksgiving after party- oh, ya.  Hosted by her farmer school friend Ryan, it was sure interesting. For sure.

Check out the kid in the corner- creepy!

It being rather far into my own Thanksgiving festivities, i'd had enough wine that rolling into a strangers' house and taking pictures wasn't really an issue. Which is good, these photos are pretty epic, the whole house was. I hope to someday get to visit again, with a tripod. They live in Sellwood, which is kind of south of the city, and there's a creek running though the property. The outside seating area where we spent the most time was filled with the running sound of the water, such an amazing change for someone who lives on an incredibly busy street. Being farmers, they had a greenhouse and other such plant things. The photo with the manikin has hanging their own tobacco drying. An interesting group but worthwhile, it was a great nightcap to thanksgiving.

Funny part about it was, even after the after party, we were mobile and heading home at like 10:30, sooo early for me. I was well rested and ready to go at 11 am for my prep shift. Oh, thanksgiving, you happen so early!

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