Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crater Lake, pt 2

So, i guess this isn't really about crater lake at all. It should be called crater lake trip pt 2. Anyway, here is the awesome cabin and kitchenette we were treated to in fort kalamath. They had dishes and real wine glasses for us in the cupboard. Knives, cutting board. And a vcr. We went to the video rental shelf and spent a good 15 minutes picking 2, and then never watched either of them! Ha. The "resort" had wifi, although apparently their bandwidth is very limited and there was a warning that if you tried to download something it could shut down the whole system. And the password was buysnacks ! Ha ha! Isn't that the best password ever? I laughed and laughed every time i had to enter it. I like it so much that I am totally going to change all my passwords to buysnacks! Oh, wait, no, actually what I meant was I am NOT going to change all my passwords to buysnacks. Not.

Fridge, sink, and range. All in one!

Detroit Dam

Our little cabin in the woods! Home sweet home.
Good to be home.... blah blah blah. Good to be on vacation! Now that i'm home, back to school, back to work, back to having my bank not send me my new debit card until 10-14 days after the old one will expire. New bank!

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