Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How much does your landlady love you?

Well, ours loves us a lot. We lucked out in a lot of ways with our house, we were pretty much picked on the spot after viewing the place, Susan accepted our strange deposit payment plan and canceled all the other viewers, without even checking our references. She said she just had a good feeling about us. But who wouldn't, of course! We have had a bit of a strange time reading her these past few months, she's a seriously straightforward east coaster who kicked her husband out when her kids were young because "he was a drinker and just no good." Now in her early sixties, she has been single since and raised her kids as a hairdresser and landowner. She owned a small apartment complex before selling and buying the duplex we now live in, so she has some tenant experience and, what we refer to as, tenant trauma. Seriously, every time we approach her for anything the first thing she thinks is that we are going to tell her we're moving out. Need to pay rent a day late? Oh, of course, i'm just glad you girls aren't moving out! Want to dog sit for a friend for five weeks? Oh, of course, I thought you were going to tell me you are moving out! We tell her over and over that we're not moving out but it doesn't seem to do any good. She just likes us a lot.

So yesterday she comes over early, Kelly had just gotten up, and asks if we would be interested in having an electric fireplace- she has one and just LOVES it, she went on and on. Kelly told her that we would, and she was so excited. She called me today to tell me that her son   ( who is single, she keeps reminding us) would be picking it up and delivering it later that day. I had a hair cut appointment but when I got back there was this giant box in the living room. Giant.

Electric fireplace- awesome. Joanie, my friend from high school, was coming for dinner in an hour so I thought i'd just unwrap it and plug it in, like it said on the box- just plug it in.

Easier said then done.... thing was in like nine thousand pieces, but I sure assembled it, and was quite proud of myself afterward.

So, if you have been wondering who the most awesome person ever is, rest assured it's me.

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