Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Great Christmas Adventure, Part D

So, the other day I was here in my house talking with Kelly and Tonia about Christmas at the farm. It was interesting to me how strongly I felt about and spoke of my christmas tradition. I occurred to me only then that I have spent christmas at the farm for 26 years, minus two years, one in Idaho and one in Key West ( feel free to correct me here if i'm forgetting one, I was quite young for the first few). The farm means christmas to me, the gathering, the people, the meal, the activity. Getting there is the only christmas thing that I don't even think twice about, I am going even if I work until 6 the night before and work at noon the next day ( like last year). It really is the reason I love christmas.

This year started off quite relaxed, the eve was spent at my mom's, I drove to OH late friday eve, following peter and not far behind shannon and adam. We were all set up downstairs in our various sleeping spots. The next morning it was coffee and on the road to the farm. With lots of car packing in between. And tea, of course.  From there, christmas ensued.

Kim, the stocking queen

Angie, with full tail action

Eclipse of Peter


Father and Son

Michael Jackson for Christmas!

Peter supervises

Could I ever imagine a different christmas breakfast? Maybe, but not if I have my way. On the evolutionary charts, the mcwilliams clan are highly predisposed to digest gingerbread, cottage cheese, apple sauce, avocado, and sausage in the same meal. Give it a thousand years or so, it'll catch on. Swear.

Christmas dinner was a potluck of sorts. Cathy, I want to say ellsworth? Is that right? Anyway, she brought appetizers, Pete and I wrestled through a roast or two, Jan cooked up greens, mmm, something else, oh ya, father's assorted roast potatoes, beet apple sauce, and ciabatta bread. Top it off with pumpkin bread pudding, spiced nuts, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, yes, christmas dinner.

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