Monday, December 6, 2010

Helser's on Alberta

I was pretty excited about this find, I think it came from the weekly's restaurant guide, confirmed as awesome by Ben. I was set on going here after looking at their menu online, they make scotch eggs! I've always wanted to try one but unfortunately only run across them on menus at places i'm scared to eat ( no offense, stillhouse). Also, they have dutch babies, giant baked dough things. I got to make these once on a field trip to the wood fired oven factory in culinary school. I've eaten  them every chance i've gotten since. Ok, it was easy to find, kind of on the cold side, tables all too large for two people. Server was nice, not particularly attentive but that didn't really matter. Did get brave enough to take pictures.....

 Scotch egg- hardboiled egg packed in sausage, egg battered, panko breaded, deep fried. It was good, came with a horseradish sauce, not remarkable, the panko breading also left a bit to be desired. Honestly, there wasn't anything particularly remarkable about the whole meal.

  Except that face right there! Oh, Shannon, you should never pose!

The potato pancakes were good, best thing we got for sure. Sour cream and applesauce accompanied, they were thin and crispy, very different than those at Broder and not nearly as special, but good. Seasonal fruit plate was not remotely seasonal- featured unripe papaya and kiwi, and kind of dirty. Not dirt dirty but more like, this is something I never use so I have it shoved in the same 6th pan as all the other things I hardly ever use. I cook, I get it. I don't particularly want to eat it though.  Dutch baby, not what I was expecting, I remember it being all fluffy and hot. This one was more on the flat, soggy in the middle side, not bad- it was actually really good, just not special. Or distinctive in any way. Kinda like an unrolled crepe with nothing in it. Or on it, whatever.

Not a bad meal, I just reread this and it sounds like a bad meal. Not at all, just kind of uninspired. Shannon and I had a great time, though, lots of laughs. Coffee and tea were great, my tea came in it's own little tea french press. I loved it.

Probably not going to rush back, only because of the other million places to eat in this city we haven't tried yet. Especially on Alberta- every other storefront is a freaking restaurant. Call it too many choices or just plain spoiled rotten, the search for a brunch to beat Broder continues.......

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