Monday, July 11, 2011

Aunt Pearl

The few days following the shower and June Bday I spent up in Morton, WA visiting with Grandma Cissie, Shannon, Mom, and Aunt Pearl. We got the exact same hotel rooms we had gotten the previous year ( was that really a year ago?!) at the little motel in town. We had a few interesting small town meals, a bit of pop culture shock from the motel's cable television, and two visits with Pearl. 

103 and able to remember all of our names, names of all of her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, aunts, and so on. She even remembered the name of her daughter's favorite chicken. (pet) I have forgotten it, just a few weeks later. An inspiration and an amazement, Pearl is just plain awesome.

My car broke down heading out of town- boo- but the local mechanic was able to fix it up so I could drive home. By unhooking the exhaust before it got to the muffler, which he thought was clogged. Rightly so, but still the loudest, most vibrating cruise down the freeway ever. Exhausting. Ha!

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