Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby Shower!

Finally, i know! It has been a whirlwind couple of days around here, complete with fun and more fun. I got up this morning super early in order to get all the pics sorted and re sized for this posting. I know it has been long anticipated.....

The baby shower was wonderful. The weather was perfect, all of the important ladies were present. Auntie Emily provided us with a few awesome craft projects and there was some delicious food. All in all, it was the perfect low key party i had envisioned for Shannon. Sitting around after the fact ( dressing up a stuffed monkey in baby clothes) i noticed that the pile of loot was exactly what Shannon had wanted- a few big, necessary things, thoughtfully chosen clothing and blanketing items, but no toys, bottles, binkies, or other plastic items that would surely have had to find their way to island thrift. I think that says a lot about our family and friends- they may have differing opinions about what and how and why, but they are all able to respect and honor Shannon and Adam's choices. Cheers, on to the pictures!

It was a bright and sunny day, which is total sabotage for the photographer. I ended up with some great shots anyway, a large number of pics of the onesies, which i am just totally in love with. Can't get enough! They were so freaking awesome. In no particular order....

The finished product of the bead activity- everyone brought a special bead to string together on a necklace for Shannon to wear during her labor. Luckily we had Kim's jewelry making expertise, this ended up looking great!

The beads, pre- necklace, got passed around in a cup for everyone to see.

Post shower, we used a stuffed monkey as our baby to try out all the new stuff!

Lots of amazing hand knitted items from Anne's Aunt.

Onesie stencils pre-project

I used this one!

Yup, there's the monkey again.

Sophie curled up on all the soft baby things as the night came to a close.

Emily shows us how it's done!

Three generations of feet!

Both of my grandmas together!

Cloth diaper cake

Candles for everyone to light during Shannon's labor. And lovely flowers from Margie's garden.

Dad getting his present ready.  He was sure to include an equal number of blue and pink ribbons, 

In the end, however, the whole roll of pink was used, but there was still plenty of blue left. My father and  I are choosing to interpret this in different ways.......

I am now officially more excited than ever! Only two short months to baby time! I'm sure it will just fly, the last 8 sure have. Thanks everyone for coming to the party and helping us celebrate our fabulous baby and mama, it was a pleasure to have you.

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