Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun

Well, in addition to the big baby shower a few weekends ago, we also had the June Birthday. Ben came along for the trip, it was nice for everyone to finally meet him. He introduced himself properly by winning the croquet tournament- way to go Ben! I got a special birthday surprise in the form of an awesome tool box, fully stocked with everything that i will need to build -insert super awesome project here-. More on that to come. It's possible that Kim took more June bday pics with my camera than i did, anyways...

Ben had to hold the wood with the fireplace tongs while dad  cut it with the chainsaw. A good intro to  how we cook in our family, we do things the easy way, of course!

Ben is the 2011 champion!

A picture of me!

This is the space by the barn that Shannon has cleared and planted. There were a few  things coming up, lots of weeds! What a lot of work it must be to be a farmer and fight weeds all the time! They really grow well, if only we could eat them!

And the dogs! Holy crap, the puppies are not puppies any longer! Dale, the girl doggie looks just like a big baji, only slightly less trained. They are pretty cute!

And now here's some family pics from the shower, i liked them all so much i just put them all on here, the different facial expressions are all so funny, it was hard to pick.

And now my breakfast is ready so i have to stop. More to come.....

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